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VanSplash Recommendations Come to Park Board on December 11

The VanSplash Report is on the Agenda for the Park Board’s December 11, 2017 meeting:


There is NO replacement outdoor pool in Mount Pleasant Park (Ontario & 16th Ave) for the one demolished in 2009, despite the recommendation in the 2010 Master Plan that a replacement pool would be built “when funds become available”:

The only recommended outdoor pool is to “co-located” with either the existing indoor pool at Killarney, or the future new community centre at Marpole.  While many residents of Marpole would welcome a replacement for the outdoor pool that closed in 1996, there is no guarantee that it would accommodate swimmers of all ages, unlike the small outdoor one at Hillcrest which is suitable only for young children.
The report, by the same consultants for the 2001 report recommending closing outdoor pools, also recommends building destination pools at Britannia (already in the planning stages) and Connaught Park next to Kitsilano Community Centre, at a cost of $60 to $80 million for each. In contrast, the figure given for an outdoor pool at Killarney or Marpole is $6 to $9 million, and there is no outdoor pool included at Britannia or Connaught.  The Park Board will consider the futures of Lord Byng and Templeton pools once the two destination pools are built, which could lead to their closure.
One reason given in the report for NOT swimming is that there is no pool close to where people live or work, yet the recommendation to shrink the number of pools in favour of destination pools makes this situation worse. 

Shouldn’t the Park Board promote life-long access to all of the residents of Vancouver?
If you would like to speak at the meeting, you can go to the Park Board website before noon on Dec 11:
http://vancouver.ca/your-government/speak-at-a-meeting.aspx or email or phone the Park Board at: pbmeetings@vancouver.ca or 604-257-8158 To send your comments by email to the Commissioners, the address is: pbcommissioners@vancouver.ca




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