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Room Rentals


Charge Matrix - Rental Rates

Staffing or equipment may be charged in addition to the room rates and are determined by the specific needs and nature of the event. More information about these rooms is available upon request.

*Please note that we do not rent rooms out to groups, companies or individuals running fee-for-service programming (Yoga,
Pilates, Workshops, etc...). If you are interested in offering such a program please submit a proposal.

*Non-profit rates only apply during operating hours. For after hours rentals, groups must pay the full rate.

*Non-profit rates do not apply for after hours gym rentals.

*Large rentals may require two staff at the discretion of the Recreation Programmer. "

For all inquiries, please contact us through email










Multipurpose 2




Multipurpose 3




Arts Room




Meeting Room 2




Additional Charges


Music royalty fees will apply to all user groups that choose to play recorded music.

Fees may vary

Damage Deposit

A damage deposit may be required, depending on the nature and size of the rental.

$25 - $1000


Staffing charges may be applied if the rental falls outside the centre’s normal operating hours.



  • Prices do not include staff
  • Full payment is due upon time of booking
  • Smaller room capacities will be reduced if your event requires significant additional furniture.
  • Rooms rented after facility hours will incur staffing charges.
  • A Non Profit registration number required prior to receiving a Non Profit rate.
  • *Rates are subject to change.*


  • Socan (w/dance): (1-100) $41.13 +tax, (101-300) $59.17 +tax
    Socan (Music only): (1-100) $20.56 +tax, (101-300) $29.56 +tx
  • Socan fees are manditory for any group playing music and dancing.
    For more questions about these fees please see their website at


Flip Chart Stand (no paper)
Extra Staff (per hour)


Room Use and Rental Policy

The following Room Use and Rental Policy, defines the permitted use, priority of use, rental rates and Rental Terms and Conditions.

1. Recreation Programs

  • Offered by the Mount Pleasant Community Association.

2. Affiliated Partners

  • Affiliated Partners are defined as groups or organizations that work in direct partnership with the community centre to provide a service that benefits the Mount Pleasant Community. Examples: Coastal Health Authority, Family Services of Greater Vancouver.

3. Rentals

  • CC Rental Non Profit –These groups are required to produce their registered non-profit number.
  • CC Rental General

4. Casual Users

  • Members of the Mount Pleasant Community Centre are allowed limited access to available rooms under the following conditions:

Please note: we reserve the right to program or rent rooms at any time – therefore members cannot assume that a room will be free on an on-going basis.

  • Front desk staff may approve room use for members who are engaging in sedentary or individual activities [ie. playing a musical instrument (piano, guitar etc), playing cards or studying]
  • Martial Arts & self-defence training (ie. sparring/boxing) is not permitted
  • All room use requires a booking in Safari under “reserve facility” and users must sign a no charge rental agreement.

Room Use Guidelines:

  • Members must have a valid membership Members must be 13yrs+
  • Members must leave the room clean and restored to the original condition in which it was found
  • Members are welcome to use the furniture in the room, however no additional furniture or equipment will be provided
  • Martial Arts & self-defence training (ie. sparring/boxing) are not permitted
  • Members must follow direction of staff



  1. The applicant must pay the total Rental charge in to the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association at the time of booking. Payment may be cash, cheque, debit card, Visa or MasterCard.

  2. Rental may be waived at discretion of the Rental Coordinator or Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association upon written request from the Applicant.

  3. In addition to the rental charge, the Applicant may be required to pay a damage deposit via a pre-approved Visa or Mastercard slip. The Association will then destroy the slip with-in 7 days of the rental if the Applicant has fulfilled all the Terms of Agreement to the satisfaction of the Association.

  4. The rental group is responsible for all damages up to and above the amount of the damage deposit.

  5. If the rental request requires services in addition to what is normally provided they may be required to pay for additional staff. The amount of staff time will be determined by the Mount Pleasant staff.


  6. The Applicant may cancel this agreement by notifying the Association at least 48 hours before the Rental Date for sport rentals and 7 days before hall rentals. If the Applicant cancels this agreement by the stated time, the Association will refund to the Applicant all monies paid to the Association for the Rental. If the Applicant does not cancel this agreement by or before the stated time, the Applicant will forfeit all monies already paid to the Association for the rental.

  7. The Association reserves the right to cancel all rentals.

  8. The Association reserves the right to place your activity in equal or better facilities as determined by centre staff.


  9. NO LIQUOR will be brought into or consumed on the premise unless arranged & approved by the Association in advance. Liquor may not be served at any function in the Centre without a liquor license.

  10. The Applicant must obtain their own liquor permit from L.C.B. & present it to the Centre Front Office, prior to the event. If permit is not available PRIOR to event, the event will not occur. Liquor is to be distributed & consumed only in the area (room) stipulated on the contract. No liquor is to be served after the time indicated on the permit. The rental group must comply with all conditions appearing on the liquor permit. During the rental, the Applicant must post the liquor permit in a conspicuous location in the rental space.


  11. The rental group may heat precooked food. If the rental group wishes to cook food, it must inform the Public Health Department of the City of Vancouver and have its cooking set up inspected. The Rental Group may not cook food on the premises without this inspection.
  12. he Rental Group may hire caterers to serve food on the Centre’s property during the rental provided it gives the name of the caterer to the Association one week prior to the rental date.


  13. The Rental Group may not enter the rental space before the agreed upon time.

  14. The Applicant must report to the rental supervisor at the start and end of rental period. All participants in the rental must obey the directions of the Rental Supervisor, who is in charge of the building. If a participant fails to obey any of the Rental Supervisor’s instructions, part or all of the damage deposit may be forfeited to the Centre or the Agreement may be cancelled immediately, at the discretion of the Rental Supervisor.

  15. The Rental Group must set up and put away, in its original place, all furniture or equipment used during the rental and leave the rented space clean and tidy. If the Rental Group fails to leave the rental space clean and tidy, part or all of the security deposit may be retained by the Association.

  16. The Rental Group may decorate the floors, walls and ceilings of the rental space, provided the decorations do not mark or damage those surfaces. The Rental Group must remove all decorations at the end of rental.

  17. Rental groups may not use dance wax on any floors in the Centre.

  18. In accordance with City of Vancouver By-Law #4810 the Rental Group must not place any signs on city property in or around the Centre. Violation of this By-Law may result in fines to the Rental Group.


  19. NO ADMISSION MAY BE CHARGED for events held in rented space unless the event is operated by the Association.

  20. A Rental Group that stays longer than the agreed upon time will be charged $ For each additional hour or portion

  21. The Applicant is responsible to ensure that the attendance at the rental does not exceed the maximum number of people allowed in the rental space according to the City of Vancouver Fire and Safety rules, which is specified on the facility permit. Violations of this limit will result in cancellation of this Agreement.

  22. Music must be stopped by specified time on the permit.

  23. If the Applicant deliberately, or innocently misrepresents any information required of him or her by the Agreement, this Agreement will immediately be cancelled.

  24. For this Agreement, payment of money or delivery of any document to the Association, will be deemed to be paid or delivered when it is paid or delivered to the Rental Coordinator of the Centre.

  25. The Association does not have staff or facilities to permit individual persons to rehearse using musical instruments or tap shoes. Limited space makes individual use of rooms unsuitable and the lack of sound treatment between rooms makes conflict with other user groups inevitable.

  26. Mount Pleasant Community Centre is a shared and publicly funded community asset and use of the centre must reflect this fact. Users of the centre must comply with all applicable City By-Laws and Federal and Provincial legislation, including the B.C. Human Rights Code which prohibits discriminatory conduct including conduct that would expose persons or groups to hatred or contempt.


  27. THE RENTAL GROUP IS RESPONSIBLE FOR OBTAINING ITS OWN LIABILITY INSURANCE. The Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association will not be liable for any loss or damage to any property of any participant in the rental, or for any injury to any participant, resulting from any cause whatsoever except the willful misconduct or negligence of representatives, agents or employees of the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association.

  28. Without limiting the right of the Association to collect full cost for repairs or cleaning, cost of repairing any damage to the Centre caused by any participant in the rental, including the cost of extra cleaning will be deducted from the security deposit or a deposit held by the Association in respect of a future rental date.

  29. Under no circumstances should a rental group or any other user group be allowed to remove electrical panel covers and connect sound and/or lighting equipment directly into the panel in order to by pass local circuit breakers.



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