3 Corners Childcare

Offering enriching Daycare experiences for children 3 Months to 5 Years

3 Corners Childcare Centre opened in November 2009 and is located in the Mount Pleasant Community Centre (1 Kingsway). 3 Corners is operated by the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association (MPCCA). We are a licensed group child care program that provides year-round care for children aged 3 months to 5 years. Our facility offers a universal design for full accessibility and a large secure rooftop play area.

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At 3 Corners we follow an emergent, play-based curriculum, and are guided by the BC Early Learning Framework (BC ELF). Through our practice, we aim to create an environment that represents all of our children, to facilitate learning opportunities that promote awe & wonder, and to embrace children’s natural curiosity about the world around them.

Learning can be messy, and the learning journey doesn’t often happen in a straight line – we embrace this – and collaborate with the children, families and other team members to make sense of the world together in the ways that work for our children at the time.

3 Corners thrives on utilizing the BC Early Learning Framework. “By supporting the creation of rich, joyful early childhood spaces where children & adult’s ideas and miracles come together. Knowledge is co-constructed about learning and living in ways that are local, inclusive, ethical and democratic.” – BC Early Learning Framework 2019.

Childcare Spaces

3 Corners Child Care Centre is currently full. Any available spaces will be advertised here for a minimum of 2 weeks.





Waitlist Advertising Process:

  • When a family gives their withdrawal notice, or there is a change in our roster we will advertise a space for 2 weeks on the website.
  • A link will open up and will be posted above for you to add your child to the lottery list for the space. This link will stay open for 2 weeks. The child must fit the age range posted and you must be able to commit to the contract terms. Details of space, child ages and care start dates will be outlined. After a few days, each link will be closed and we will do a random draw to determine the child who gets the space. Priority is offered to MPCCA Childcare families (families registered at Our House Out of School Care & Our House Preschool).
  • We reserve 1 space a year (if space permits) to a family who identifies as a marginalized and/or vulnerable group. These spaces will be advertised as such. In order to ensure these spaces are given to families most in need, we will prioritize families who hit multiple marginalizations.
  • Please check here every 2 weeks to see any possible openings we have.
  • ** Please note we will discard the list after the space has been filled. Families must re-attempt for openings as we do not hold an on-going waiting list **


How to Register for a Space?

When we have a space available it will be advertised above

How to Register for an available space:

    • Visit www.mountpleasantcc.ca 3 Corners page and click on the link to add your child to the list for the lottery draw. 
    • Ensure that your information provided is correct.
    • Once the link has closed, a lottery (random draw) will determine the child that is offered the space. Your child must fit the age range and you must be able to commit to the terms of the contract.
    • These spaces are now determined by a lottery draw.

Age Ranges: In order to qualify for available spaces, children must be born within the age range posted.  Age ranges are determined by MPCCA in conjunction with BC Child Care Licensing Regulations to ensure that we can provide ongoing, uninterrupted care.  If age ranges were not so specific, it is likely that care would be interrupted or cancelled when transitioning from one room to the next. If your child does not fit the age range, we will not be able to consider them for the space.

Contract Spaces: To better serve our community, families must be able to fulfill the contract term as specified above.

Extension of Care: Temporary spaces are available as posted and unfortunately not flexible for change.  Our hope is to be able to extend care beyond the temporary contract or offer a permanent space if available. If the opportunity comes up to extend a contract space we inform families as soon as possible but cannot predict or confirm this at this time.

What Happens after adding your child’s name to the list for a space?

  • We will contact the successful families by the following business day after the lottery (random draw).  At this time, we will ask that you confirm your child’s age and set up an In Person or Zoom tour of 3 Corners to meet the staff and learn about our program.  After your tour, you will have 24 hours to accept the space and pay a 1-month security deposit and $50 non-refundable registration fee.
  • Should your child not be the right age or you decline the space, we will do another random draw until the space is successfully filled.
  • All other families will be notified when spaces are filled and ALL LOTTERY LISTS WILL BE DISCARDED at that time.
  • If your child did not fit the age range posted or you did not meet the other requirements for the space listed, you will not be added to the lottery list.
  • Please note, we do not hold an ongoing waitlist.
  • We have recently changed our registration process from a first come first served registration to a random lottery draw. Your patience while we navigate this new system and your feedback is appreciated.
3 Corners Location and Hours
  • 1 Kingsway, Vancouver, V5T 3H7 (3rd floor of the Mount Pleasant Community Centre)
  • We offer care 7:30am – 6pm, Monday to Friday. Closed on all Stat Holidays and for one week Winter Break
Number of Licensed Spaces and Staff Ratio
12 Spaces in Infant Program Ratio of 1 Staff / 4 Children
12 Spaces in Toddler Program Ratio of 1 Staff / 4 Children
25 Spaces in 3-5 Year Program Ratio of 1 Staff / 8 children
Our Qualified Educators
  • We are proud to have excellent Early Childhood Educators (ECE/IT/SN) who are certified by the BC government, meet Provincial Child Care Licensing Regulation and maintain a valid First Aid Certificate.
  • Qualified substitute staff are called in when teachers are away for reasons of illness or vacation.

Affordable Child Care Benefit

We encourage families who may benefit from financial support to apply for the Provincial Affordable Childcare Benefit. Factors such as income, family size and type of care will be considered when determining each individual’s funding allowance. Please visit the website for more information and to access the funding estimate calculator: https://www2.gov.bc.ca/gov/content/family-social-supports/caring-for-young-children/child-care-funding/child-care-benefit .

If you are interested in applying, please reach out to the Child Care Administrator Vera Meza, at vera.meza@vancouver.ca


MPCCA Childcare Bursary Fund

Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association is thrilled to be able to offer a Bursary Fund to those that require financial support to attend childcare, or financial help to those whose child may need that bit of extra support to enable them to thrive in our care. Please see below for information regarding the application process and an application form.

MPCCA Child Care Bursary Fund Information 2023-2024

If you are interested in applying, or would like to submit an application please contact the Child Care Administrator, Vera Meza, at vera.meza@vancouver.ca

Inclusion Policy

Vision: Every child and family is unique and should have access to an inclusive and respectful child care experience.

Policy: MPCCA child care programs embrace diversity and celebrate environments of acceptance, respect, understanding and inclusion. We commit to learn, understand and appreciate each person’s unique attributes, abilities and cultural history to ensure that each child is recognized, reflected and valued in our programs. Our educators support the unique abilities of each child to ensure they reach their highest potential. MPCCA works with BC Centre for Ability and other community partners to enhance our ability to support children of all abilities through training and consultation.

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