Mount Pleasant Community Centre

Mount Pleasant Community Centre is located within the Mount Pleasant Civic Centre at the intersection of Main St and Kingsway. We are jointly operated by the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation and the Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association and offer recreation programs for all ages and abilities. Amenities include a child care centre, fitness centre, gymnasium with climbing wall, games room, dance studio and other multipurpose rooms.

We are also home to the Mount Pleasant Branch of the Vancouver Public Library, Whisk Matcha Café and Level V Bakery.

Opened in December 2009, our 30,000 square foot building is a Vancouver Green City facility and certified as LEED Gold.


Community Centre

The Mount Pleasant Community Centre is a 30,000 square foot facility that opened in December 2009 with the following amenities:

  • Gymnasium
  • Fitness Centre
  • Dance Studio
  • 3 Multipurpose Rooms
  • 2 Meeting Rooms
  • Community Living Room (Lobby)

Room Rentals

Interested in booking a room for a private function? Make Mount Pleasant your celebration destination. Rent a room for your rehearsals, wedding reception, birthday party or business meetings.  We have a variety of spaces to suit your needs.
All reservations are booked online on a first-come-first-served basis at

Mount Pleasant Branch Library

Level V Bakery

Whisk Matcha

Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood History

The proximity to the business district of Vancouver and the availability of a quality water supply (Brewery Creek) made the area an ideal place for early industry and settlement. Early expectations were that Mount Pleasant would develop as Vancouver’s fashionable “uptown.” The area high above False Creek was named “Mount Pleasant” in 1888, after the Irish birthplace of the wife of H.V. Edmonds. Edmonds, clerk of the municipal council in New Westminster, was the original owner of much of Mount Pleasant.

By 1904, Mount Pleasant was home to a tannery, two slaughter houses, four breweries, and a train station. Industrial expansion brought residential development. By 1912, Mount Pleasant had a thriving residential population and community facilities such as an elementary school (the Kingsgate Mail site), a firehall, a first run theatre, and Vancouver’s first skyscraper (the Lee Building). Mount Pleasant was also a terminus for the streetcar network.

During WWI, the tidal flats of False Creek from Main Street to Clark Drive were filled to provide a site for two large railway terminals and railyards. As a result, half of Mount Pleasant’s waterfront was lost and the mouth of Brewery Creek was filled in.

By 1930, the character of the community was already established with block after block of houses on small lots, and a mix of residential and industrial uses. The 1930s brought changes to Mount Pleasant. Industrial expansion north of Broadway between Main and Cambie Streets resulted in the demolition of many homes. These changes transformed Mount Pleasant and it began to lose its residential prestige.

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s the remaining houses in the industrial area disappeared and more industries, low-rise offices and warehouses moved in. In 1935, the city expropriated park land at 12th Avenue and Cambie Street to build a new city hall. Mayor McGeer felt that the new location would link the area to the rest of the city. (Davis 1979) Today many older homes in south and west parts of Mount Pleasant have been restored.

Did you know?

  • Mount Pleasant was home to an unusual bicycle-racing oval surfaced with yellow cedar that was constructed for the British Empire Games in 1954. It was built in the huge ravine created by China Creek where it crossed Broadway, and was torn down for the construction of Vancouver Community College’s King Edward Campus.
  • Robson Park, at 15th Avenue and Kingsway, is named in honour of B.C.’s 9th Premier, John Robson.
  • Brewery Creek used to run into False Creek just north of 1st Avenue, and False Creek used to run all the way to Clark Drive.
  • Hops can still be found growing near the sites of neighbourhood’s old breweries.
  • Mount Pleasant is named after the Irish birthplace of the wife of H.V. Edmonds. Edmonds, clerk of the municipal council in New Westminster, was the original owner of much of Mount Pleasant.
  • Mount Pleasant was the birthplace of one of the city’s most colourful mayors, Gerry McGeer, who made sure the new city hall was built there in 1936.
  • Olympic sprinter Percy Williams hailed from the southeast corner of 12th Avenue and Columbia Street in Mount Pleasant. During the 1928 Olympic Games, Williams took home gold medals in the 100-metre and 200-metre dashes
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