The MPCC Food Security Program was created to address a growing demand for food in our local community. As we grow and evolve, we use these four principles to guide our decision making and inform the program’s development.

  • Create a welcoming and low barrier environment to offer dignified, immediate, equitable, and routine access to healthy, quality meals.
  • Foster a supportive, inclusive, diverse, and engaged community of staff, patrons, and volunteers to positively impact and serve the community’s most vulnerable.
  • Cultivate opportunities for inter-generational community connection and education through food preparation, meal sharing, and volunteering.
  • Increase awareness and understanding around various systemic challenges that contribute to food insecurity and homelessness.

Based on these four principles our goals and objectives are to:

  • Involve and engage community members and partners to bring awareness to and reduce stigmas around homelessness, mental health, and
  • Work to be environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly by reducing food waste, limiting single use and disposal service items, composting and recycling regularly and responsibly, and using second hand items where feasible.
  • Build and expand partnerships with various service agencies to provide quality resources and referrals to meet needs outside of our program’s scope and to expand our community’s network.
  • Design an operationally sustainable, scalable, and replicable program model. Support, coach, and champion the adoption and expansion of food security programs within our catchment area and across our networks.