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How to Book a Room

  • Step 1: Check Availability


  • Select Facility – Mount pleasant
  • Select Date

Step 2: Create an online account


  • Click on Create New Account
  • If you already have an online account you will need to log on

Step 3: Submit a Rental Request


All rentals are subject to the approval of the Mount Pleasant Community Association. All rentals enquiries will be responded to within 1 to 3 business days.

If you have not yet come to see the room, we recommend that you come view the facilities prior to creating a reservation. Please call our reception desk at 604-257-3080 to enquire when a space may be vacant to view.



Size & Dimensions: 6700 sqft, (622 m2), 104′ x68′ (31.7m x 20.7m)

Maximum Capacity: 350

Commonly used for: Sports ( volleyball, basketball, badminton, hockey, play gym, dance, etc)

Base Price: $70/hr

Included Equipment: various


Dance Studio

Size & Dimensions: 1700 sqft, (157 m2), 49’6″ x 34′ 4″, ( 15m x 10.5m)

Maximum Capacity: 44

Commonly used for: meetings, dance, performance, fitness

Base Price: N/A

Included Equipment: sound system, chairs


Multipurpose Room 2

Size & Dimensions: 1350 sqft, (125m2), 40’2″ x 32’5″, (12.24m x 9.88m)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Base Price: $45/hr

Included Equipment: tables, chairs, tv, sound system, whiteboard


Multipurpose Room 3

Size & Dimensions: 700sqft, (65m2), 29’6″ x 23’4″, (9m x 7.11m)

Maximum Capacity:

Commonly used for:

Base Price: $30/hr

Included Equipment: tables, chair, sound system, kitchen (additional fee), white board.


Art Room

Size & Dimensions: 600 sqft, (55m2), 26’9″ x 19’5″, (8.15m x 5.92m)

Maximum Capacity: 30

Commonly used for:

Base Price: $30/hr

Included Equipment: tables, chairs, white board.


Games Room

Size & Dimensions: 700 sqft, (65m2), 29’6″ x 23’9″

Maximum Capacity:

Base Price:

Included Equipment:


Meeting Room 2 (Music Room)

Size & Dimensions: 150 sqft, (14m2), 14’10” x 9’10”

Maximum Capacity: 8

Base Price: $15/hr

Included Equipment: table, chairs, piano


Room Use Guidelines

 Additional Charges & Information

  • Equipment available
  • Television $20.00
  • Portable Sound System $20.00
  • Projector $20
  • Screen $10
  • Socan and RE:Sound Fees
  • The Mount Pleasant Community Centre Association is required by law to collect SOCAN (Society, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) and RE:Sound fees for all rental groups that play or perform copyrighted music.
  • Insurance
  • Liability Insurance is required for sports, dance or any higher risk activities such as large events. Insurance is purchased from an external source. For more information, please see
  • Non-Profit Rates
    • Non-profit rates only apply during operating hours. For after hours rentals, groups must pay the full rate.
    • Non-profit rates will be apply after the Rental Supervisor verify your Charity number
    • Non-profit rates do not apply for after hours room or gym rentals

Please note that we do not rent rooms out to groups, companies or individuals running fee-for-service programming (Yoga, Pilates, Workshops, etc…). If you are interested in offering such a program please submit a Program Proposal.


Q: How far in advance can I book?

– We accepting bookings that occur during our regular hours of operation up to four months in advance for the current season. Afterhours booking can be arrange up to one year in advance unless the facility is being used by a current regular rental group.

Q: Who is responsible for set up and take down?

– All groups are responsible for their own set up, take down and basic cleanup of the rented space. Each group must ensure they account for set up and clean up in their booking. Fees will be charge to fees or deposit withheld to account for the additional fees (staff and room charges for the extra time).

Q: What equipment can be provided?

– Based on availability and the room reserved, we can provide at no additional cost: 6 ft x 2.5 ft rectangular tables, chairs (adjustable tables and children size chair are also available)

Q: When can I gain room access on the day of the event?

– You can gain access at the start time on your permit. When booking, your reservation must include set up and clean up times.

Q: How can I pay for the Permit?

– Permits can be paid online through your account or by the front desk. Full payment is needed to verify your permits. Payments must be made 2 weeks prior to your event date or the permit can be canceled or void..

Q: Is a Damage Deposit required?

– For large events a damage deposit may be required. If your event has alcohol then a Special Occasion License, which you can get from the Liquor Licensing Branch of BC, Serving it Right and Liability Insurance (

Q: When do I get my damage deposit back?

– Deposits will be refunded less any outstanding charges within thirty (30) days of the end of the rental. It is the responsibility of the Rental Group to contact the Rental Supervisor for their deposit.

Q: Can alcohol be served at our event?

– Alcohol can be served at your event if a Special Occasion License is obtained from the Liquor Licensing Branch of BC, Serving It Right and Liability Insurance ( A copy of your approved licenses must be provided to the centre at least 3 days prior to the event date and be displayed on the date of the event.

Q: Is there parking?

– There is an underground paid parking lot which can be access through the alley from 8th Avenue or 7th Avenue. It is run by City Park.

Q: Can we bring our own caterer?

– Catering and food services are welcome; however, no cooking of food is permitted on site. The facility has a small kitchen that is shared by all community programs, staff and volunteers but may be reserved for exclusive use. The kitchen is suitable for warming, preparing and staging food service.

Q: Is there a not-for-profit rate?

– Events or rentals that are booked by a registered Provincial or Federal non-profit society are eligible for a discount on the posted rental rates. Non-profit rates only apply during operating hours. For after-hours rentals, groups must pay the full rate. Non-profit rates do not apply for after-hours room or gym rentals.

Mount Pleasant Community Association